The Future of the EU Climate VC Landscape, Transparency, and Challenges: Exploring Climate Tech Investing w/ Heidi Lindvall (Pale Blue Dot)

Welcome back to the Clean Techies podcast, where we interview climate tech founders and VCs to discuss all things building and investing to solve the biggest challenge of our generation climate change. Today, I’m super glad to be able to welcome back to the show, as our first return guest, Heidi Lindvall, one of the founding partners at Pale Blue Dot. We spoke with her last in October of 2021 and since then they have just recently closed their second fund and, as a reminder, Heidi started her career as a humanitarian making documentaries, eventually got into the tech space, spending time in London, Silicon Valley and Berlin in those startup ecosystems. From there, she saw that a lot of companies were not investing in or building companies solving the most important problems. So she decided to get into climate and she did that by starting an accelerator, eventually went on to build a micro fund and then eventually helped build and establish Pale Blue Dot. So in today’s episode it’s very much like the first one in that it is highly packed with a lot of value. Heidi really knows how to get to the point and share the core information without all of the extra fluff and, in particular, today’s episode has a lot of information shared about what are the next steps that once you start your VC, especially for a lot of the new climate tech VCs, there’s kind of a maturing that needs to happen, as you. You know, you launch the fund, you prove the, you prove the concept and then you go from there. She shared a lot of information that I think should be helpful for those exact VCs, which are many. So, with that, enjoy today’s episode with Heidi Lindvall from Pale Blue Dot. All right, welcome back to the show, Heidi. How are you doing?

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