Sustainable Drainage Systems

Traditional surface water drainage systems are typically “Hard Engineered” solutions used in drainage design. They convey runoff through pipes and large underground storage tanks to store and attenuate surface water. These systems effectively bypassed the natural buffering effect of vegetation and soils. As a result of these types of drainage solutions, post-development surface water run off rates and discharge volumes increase significantly and polluted runoff from impermeable areas are not effectively managed prior to discharge to receiving watercourses.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) greatly improve upon these issues by allowing a more sustainable and natural surface water drainage regime to be implemented. SuDS offer multiple benefits when compared to traditional drainage systems and aim to maximise the benefits of rainwater once it falls on the surface. SuDS not only improve the quality of surface water runoff and decrease runoff volumes but also improve certain aspects of developments such as biodiversity, public amenity and make areas more visually attractive and vibrant. 

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