Inside the hospital gardens that give respite from a world of ills

WILLOWBROOK, Calif. — In this neighborhood just north of Compton, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital catches the light. Tall, sleek, all windows and silver finish, the hospital sits as a kind of promise to South Los Angeles.

Not long ago, there was another hospital on the same property. Similar name, too: Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center. But most people didn’t want to end up there. It was a public hospital known for being dangerous and deadly, a medical train wreck in a community that had long been neglected and abused.

With the fall of King/Drew in 2007, and few health care facilities to serve the families of South LA for nearly a decade, county officials saw an opening. They bankrolled construction of a new, state-of-the-art MLK hospital in 2015, with a vow that this one would not fail its patients. This time, things would be different.

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