Shift sustainability behaviour through positive reinforcement – ekko

Discussing the rise of sustainable fintechs and demand for greener financial services, founder and CEO of Embedded Sustainability provider ekko, Oli Cook, speaks to how the payments industry has a role to play in sustainable decision making.

Sustainability has become more than a buzzword in recent years, as more and more financial organisations are integrating green initiatives into their operations. A range of climatetechs and sustainability-focused fintechs are focused on making both the financial industry and the world a greener place. The rise of these companies comes alongside both consumer and stakeholder groups for sustainable initiatives as well as an increase in ESG standardisation, and regulation.

Explaining the fundamental intersection between fintech and sustainability, Cook discusses how transactions can empower individuals to make more impactful lifestyle choices throughout our daily lives.

The purpose of ekko is to aid people in making sustainable purchasing decision in their day-to-day routine by providing real-time carbon emissions data, says Cook.