Mankato pursuing establishment of new wetland park

Songbirds singing, waterfowl paddling, reptiles scurrying, cattails and bulrushes swaying in the breeze. And providing access to it all, a grassy path encircling what would likely be Mankato’s biggest piece of parkland.

For people walking along the marsh and amid the upland prairie on the city’s southeast edge sometime later this decade, it will be easy to assume the sprawling piece of pristine ecology had always been there — that nature long ago did all of the work.

If the wetland park comes to be, though, it will only be because of a lot of imagining, lobbying, land-purchase negotiating, dam designing, neighborhood communicating, grant writing, environmental consulting, seed planting, weed controlling and more.

“It’s really exciting,” City Manager Susan Arntz said of the prospect of returning a mile-long swath of farmland to nature.

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Mark Fischenich