More balconies, bigger and buildings in Madrid with “green factor”


The plenary session of the Madrid City Council plans to approve today the new urban regulations that promote improvements in safety and sustainability of buildings. This represents an important paradigm shift, since the recent modifications have introduced key transformations in the calculation of the buildable area and in the overhangs and overhangs of the façade. These variations exclude certain surfaces from the total calculation in order to allow improvements in crucial aspects such as safety in case of fire, accessibility, sustainability, health and comfort of buildings.

One of the most significant is the elimination of the calculation of built-up area for those elements that contribute to improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Now, elements such as bioclimatic galleries, premises for the generation, storage and distribution of renewable energies, solar chimneys, and the increase in the thickness of the enclosures (roofs and facades) to improve acoustic and thermal insulation, will no longer be taken into account in said calculation.

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