Plan Bee launched to save Cumbria’s pollinators | Cumbria Wildlife Trust


The red-tailed bilberry bumblebee, also known as the mountain bumblebee, used to be a common site in the Cumbrian fells. While it can still be seen here, it’s a rarity – just one of many species of pollinating insects that are in trouble. A new pollinator plan has been launched to urge all Cumbrians to play their part in helping to reverse the decline of our native pollinators.

Cumbria’s Plan Bee, A Pollinator Action Plan has been published by Cumbria Local Nature Partnership (CLNP), a collection of community, nature and farming groups, in partnership with the former Cumbria County Council and Natural England, and organised and led by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. The plan urges everyone in the county – communities, the new local authorities and other councils, farmers, landowners and businesses – to sign a pledge and take action to help Cumbria’s pollinating insects.

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