MOBILE Versa Wall Offers Flexibility And Health Benefits At Work

GSky’s MOBILE Versa Wall® units bring living nature into the workplace while also facilitating flexible space planning.

GSky’s mission statement is clear. Their goal is to bring “living green spaces to everyday places where people live, work and play.” As designers are increasingly bringing natural elements into the workplace, GSky’s team creates solutions that are affordable, adaptable, and maintainable around the world. With over 15 years of expertise and knowledge, they have developed a proven process that guarantees a healthy and successful green wall.

WDM recently chatted with GSky Chairman and CEO, Hal Thorne to find out more about the MOBILE Versa Wall® unit and their overall product offerings.

WDM: How will the addition of MOBILE Versa Wall® units impact workplace design?

GSky: The MOBILE Versa Wall® unit is ideal for flexible space planning. In the employee focused office, it improves productivity, fosters collaboration, provides privacy and sound absorption, and aids in air purification and optimal humidity. It provides the benefits of live plants and biophilic design, while also enhancing overall health and well-being.

Does the MOBILE Versa Wall® support agile and activity-based workplaces?

MOBILE Versa Wall® units can be used as stand-alone dividers, groupings of multiple units to partition larger spaces, a privacy screen to separate work areas, or to create warm and inviting coworking areas.

Can you tell a story of how this product will help our readers design and implement great workplace solutions?

One of the challenges that our large corporate financial client encountered in their workspace was the sterile look and feel of the areas and the juxtaposition of workspaces and common areas. This created several challenges of which privacy and noise reduction were top of mind. Flexibility in design was also needed as configurations would likely change over time.

Their design team had considered the standard fixes and while commonly used office acoustical panels can address this, they provide more of the same uninspired, repetitive, cold spaces employees dislike. They wanted something more for their employees, so they reached out to us.

After a site assessment and based on their space configuration, we knew our MOBILE Versa Wall® was the …


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