Biotecture living walls with remotely monitored irrigation system have been installed at Landmark Pinnacle in London.

The walls create lush green backdrops for ‘The Sky Terrace’, the UK’s highest roof garden.

Soaring 75 floors above the city, the breath-taking Sky Terrace spans the top floor of the Landmark Pinnacle building.

Chalegrove Properties, the developer of Landmark Pinnacle, working with Squire and Partners and Farrer Huxley Landscape Architects had a collective vision to create a unique space befitting of the exceptional views which surround the roof garden.

The space has been designed as a pair of landscaped external terraces providing spectacular panoramic views over London, while offering a healthy environment embracing biophilia to ensure residents can connect with nature in an otherwise urban setting.

Biotecture’s BioPanel living walls create lush green backdrops for both the east and west terraces.

The green walls are constructed using Biotecture’s patented hydroponic living wall system, which was developed by the founders of the company in 2007 and remains the most flexible, resilient, and low water use of any fully comprehensive living wall system anywhere in the world.

Living walls are a space efficient way to bring more plants into urban areas where space is literally and financially at a premium.

Bringing more greenery into urban spaces can help reduce stress and anxiety, and together with the wider planting scheme, the living walls form the backdrop for a tranquil and relaxing place for residents and their guests to unwind.

Living walls have also been proven to improve air quality, cool urban areas, and increase biodiversity.

The lighting scheme was designed by Hoare Lee to bring the wall to life in the evening.

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