Are Nature-Based Solutions Being Used Equitably?

Nature-based solutions (NBS) have the potential to help with grand challenges like climate change and food security. However, communities outside of Europe are unlikely to benefit from these innovations. According to new research from the University of Surrey, more than 60% of NBS are located in Europe, with other regions making poor use of the technologies.

According to the findings, 33% of NBS were green solutions. Urban green spaces, like parks, green roofs, and green walls, can provide cooling and shade, absorb rainfall, and improve air quality.

A sizeable portion of NBS (31%) were hybrid solutions. Green roofs with solar panels integrated or systems to collect and use rainwater are some examples of these.

The good news is that we found a wealth of evidence of more communities successfully adopting nature-based solutions to not only deal with climate change and hazards but societal issues such as water and food security.

Prashant Kumar, Study Corresponding Author, Professor and Director, Global Centre for Clean Air Research

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Megan Craig