Reconnecting with Nature

Living in greener homes has significant psychological and physical benefits. By altering the way cities and buildings are constructed, we can change our proximity to nature and bring ourselves more in tune with it.

Creating an indoor-outdoor appeal

Natural light, sustainability, organic colours, and greenery are the only escape from a noisy, polluted, and claustrophobic world. Our capacity to breathe and think is enhanced by this. The 10,000 square foot home “Ekta Prime” of Aamir and Hameeda is covered in vegetation to give it an indoor-outdoor feel. Ekta Prime’s main attraction is also the staircase that connects its three floors, as well as the plants that surround it. “We planned a staircase design for the home, connecting the three floors, and insisted on a skylight because we wanted greenery along the home’s central axis. The skylight gives this house the natural light it needs as well as the light the plants need to grow.”

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