We Have One Shot At Building A Cleaner Electric Grid – Let’s Do It Right

The U.S. has set an ambitious climate goal: to slash greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. Achieving this goal means building out clean energy infrastructure, an undertaking similar in scale to when the interstate highway system was first built back in the 1950s. But unlike when we built the highway, we have the pressure of a time constraint to hit our goal. Already we’re seeing our aging electric grid buckling under the strain of extreme weather events. Building a cleaner grid will help reduce the pollution that’s driving increases in extreme weather, while also improving efficiencies, lowering costs for consumers, and benefiting our environment. Not doing it right could compromise these benefits and slow down the transition – a delay we cannot afford.

The sun sets behind electric power lines as the California Independent System Operator announced a … [+] statewide electricity Flex Alert urging conservation to avoid blackouts in Redondo Beach, California on August 31, 2022. 


Bill Frist, Contributor