How are leaders in the sustainability community positioning their projects to benefit from federal tax incentives and drive net zero energy retrofits? Listen to recent podcasts from USGBC to learn how real estate owners, policymakers and green building leaders are successfully implementing strategies that decarbonize buildings, support the health and well-being of occupants, and make a profit. These are essential steps to meeting the goal of renovating 20% of existing buildings to zero carbon–ready levels by 2030.

In these three recent podcasts, USGBC Advocacy and Policy experts Liz Beardsley and Ben Evans discuss federal funding and successful renovation strategies with experts in the field:

How to Retrofit Existing Buildings to Net Zero Energy Profitably Using Integrated Design: Learn how Kevin Bates, founder of Sharp Development Company, uses holistic, integrated design to profitably retrofit existing buildings to net zero energy with a strong emphasis on health and wellness for occupants, as he speaks with with Liz Beardsley, USGBC senior policy counsel.

What to Know About the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: USGBC’s Ben Evans and Deisy Verdinez speak with Ted Toon at the U.S. EPA about the agency’s new Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Read more.