USGBC’s longtime commitment to sustainability outcomes for owners with a broad spectrum of real estate portfolios continues with a new accelerator.

In 2022, USGBC and GBCI began developing solutions that will support companies in advancing sustainability efforts across diverse real estate portfolios. With climate extremes increasing every year, USGBC is using our 30-year history of market research, collaboration and product development to bring companies proven solutions to scale their sustainability commitments.

While LEED has supported companies in achieving leadership standards for many decades, these solutions are intended to reach a broader market in taking meaningful steps toward goals and targets for sustainability and resilience. This is fundamentally different from our work with LEED rating systems in that we can not expect every asset within most real estate portfolios to meet the requirements for LEED-certified projects. However, the goals and best practices that we’ve learned from LEED can successfully inform portfolio-wide efforts, as well as guide and measure progress over time. Read more