Great Parks officials asking for public’s feedback on new proposal


Great Parks officials are asking for the public’s feedback on a new proposal to create land and water-based trails along the Great Miami and Whitewater Rivers to link communities and parks.

The proposal is called the West Region Blueway and Trail system.

“The West Region Blueway & Trail System is about connections,” said Sean Creighton, landscape architect and project manager for Great Parks. “Our goal for the project is to enhance our Blueway trails and establish a new shared-use trail to better connect people with the outstanding natural spaces of western Hamilton County, nearby communities and local points of interest.”

Creighton noted that a Blueway, or water trail, is a network of connected waterways featuring managed access points, clear signage and recreational amenities for canoeists, kayakers and other paddlers to enjoy. Read More

For more information on the survey and the proposed project, visit their website here.

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Matthew Dietz