Palm Springs history: Prop R provided ‘gobs of money’ to fund recreation for residents

As good manners and governance required, the Palm Springs City Council in 1972 “could not take a directly active part in trying to persuade local residents to troop to the polls and ‘X’ their approval of borrowing (through bonds) and pending that rather astronomical amount of money ‘just for fun.’”

The proposal was instead advocated by a group of local citizens who worried that the city’s international reputation for fine recreation should also extend to services and facilities for its full-time residents. The result was Proposition R, named for Recreation, and The Desert Sun reported “when civic and local governmental leaders decided the city would need great gobs of money if it wanted to achieve an enviable reputation in the field of public playground.”

The initiative was put to the voters in November 1972 and $5 million in general obligation bonds were approved. It was a daring proposal for a city whose population was only 20,000 people and was equal to about one half of the total yearly expenditures for all other services.  Read More 

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Tracy Conrad