Feature: 15 Colorful Flowers That Will Brighten Up Your Garden

Hoerr Schaudt’s Stephanie Zawada and Hayden Regina, along with Andrew Bunting with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, recently shared some of their favorite bright and colorful flowers for backyard gardens with Blythe Copeland for

Cool Wave Pansy

Pansies add color to your garden with a variety of shades, from purple and orange to white and yellow. Zawada recommends the ‘Cool Wave’ cultivar, a purple, white, and yellow trailing plant for baskets, borders, and groundcover. “You can’t find anything with more flower color for your cool-season window boxes and containers than Cool Wave pansies!” she says. “If planted in the ground, it spreads almost as vigorously as it blooms.”

Zone: 5
Size: 6 to 8 inches tall x 24 inches wide (trailing)
Growing conditions: Full sun; rich, well-drained soil


This tropical vine shows off oversized, trumpet-shaped flowers in bright red, pink, and white during the summer, says Zawada. “Hybrid varieties offer even more color choices of apricot, peach, and yellow, and tend to be bushier,” she says. “Grow this plant on a trellis or massed on its own in a planter.”
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