LONDON (ICIS)–The EU and the US could scale up and fast-track the deployment of clean technologies if the two were to integrate their markets in terms of standardisation, regulatory alignment, capital flows and mutually reinforcing incentives.

Speaking to ICIS, Ann Mettler, vice president, Europe for Breakthrough Energy said over the past decade US investors’ participation in EU cleantech deals increased sevenfold, while EU investors’ participation in US cleantech deals increased threefold.

Furthermore, she said that 31% of European ventures which benefited from US capital had funding rounds of $100m or more, compared to only 8%, which did not benefit from US capital.

A report published this summer by Cleantech Group and supported by Breakthrough Energy, an international organisation aiming to accelerate innovation in sustainable energy, also found EU innovators who had US investors reached equity growth around 20% faster compared to those without.


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