How can we radically change urban planning approaches to create environment-friendly cities?

Masdar City by Foster + Partners

The world is facing urban sustainability phenomenons (or problems) today; this is one of the important issues to be solved. Because cities are the center of economic and social development and areas where more than half of the world’s population live, and therefore have become a place where the main environmental problems arise. Although the ecological, economic, and social dimensions of sustainability are equally important, the phenomenon of sustainability in buildings in the urban environment has not been adequately studied in terms of its ecological dimension.

However, this situation has started to change rapidly in recent years. It is necessary to urgently go to the path of sustainability because the population is concentrated in the cities and the cities are the first places to be intervened.

The livable and sustainable cities of tomorrow are both biological needs and social needs that come together. Livable city phenomenon; Sustainable solutions in urban design, transportation, energy, and water use include criteria such as creating a balance between the natural countryside and the urban environment. In the relationship between the environment and the city, sustainable cities can be established with cities designed to increase the quality of the environment in natural and artificial spaces. While cities are the focal point of many issues, they are the places where environmental problems are also experienced.

Therefore, increasing the quality of the environment in the context of sustainable urbanization is among the priority issues. Nowadays, cities produce more than 75% of CO2 emissions. They also have the greatest potential for emission reduction. With a system that starts with the future-oriented infrastructure at the local level with the waste management system and continues with public transportation and land use planning, it reveals a city with a sustainable economy and the right environment for its inhabitants.

Urban River Spaces – Bangladesh by Co.Creation Architects

With the effect of the social structure shaped on the basis of sustainability since the second half of the 20th century, the interest in ecological problems in urban space has increased and …


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