How can green infrastructure decrease pollution in our Raleigh waterways?

Green infrastructure is up an coming approach to waste management where the integration of natural and vegetative systems into Raleigh’s urban areas helps to manage water and improve the environment. This type of infrastructure can provide multiple benefits and also attempts to mimic water’s natural cycle. One of the many issues that green infrastructure can also help address today is pet waste pollution and dog waste removal in Raleigh, and the neighboring community’s, waterways.

Pet waste is a significant source of water pollution because it contains harmful bacteria and nutrients that can harm aquatic life. It can also pose a risk to human health if contaminated water is found present in the water where bodily contact with water might take place, for example, in areas where swimming, boating, or water skiing might be popular. Read More  

If you are looking to start the path towards a greener infrastructure and reduce pet waste in your community, check out our Commercial Services and commercial pet waste removal in Wake County to help your community today.

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