Green economy: A Solution to Africa’s youth unemployment


It is no secret that Africa is the continent with the youngest population worldwide and that youth on the continent accounts for a large margin of all of Africa’s unemployment. For example in North Africa, the youth unemployment rate is estimated at 25% but is even greater in countries like Botswana, the Republic of the Congo, Senegal and South Africa, among many others. This is rather unfortunate because Africa’s youth hold the key to its development potential, meaning that inactive youth labour leads to low levels of social and economic development.

Youth unemployment in Africa is caused by many factors including poor quality and relevance of education, little to no entrepreneurship culture, skills mismatch, a digital divide, lack of access to capital, inflexible labour market and regulations, etc.  ?Read More

Karabo Mokgonyana is an award-winning legal and development practitioner and programme director for the Sesi Fellowship and Skill Hub, a womxn- and youth-led organisation that provides young womxn with mentorship and skills development.

Karabo Mokgonyana

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