Course Description and Credit Information

**PDF files that can be downloaded and audio files that read the pdf content if you prefer audio**

Course description

This course is designed for Landscape Architects who want to stay informed on the latest trends and developments in green building. The course will cover a wide range of topics including sustainable materials, energy efficiency, water conservation, and indoor air quality. Participants will learn about the latest building codes and regulations that promote green building practices, as well as case studies of successful green building projects. The course will also discuss current challenges facing the green building industry and explore potential solutions. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will learn some of the top trending topics in the profession.
2. Participants will learn some of the latest research regarding the Green Building.
3. Participants will learn about green building techniques.
4. Participants will understand Green building rating system.

General Course Information

Credits 2.75 CEU/CE/PH/CH
Format PDF files that can be downloaded and audio files that read the pdf content if you prefer audio


Course Preview

Already faced with an acute housing affordability crisis that’s driving out working class residents, the town council of Crested Butte is prepared to exacerbate
the problem in the name of going green. Following in the footsteps of the self-imposed fiascos in Louisville and Superior, the council is looking to get a jump on recently passed state legislation by considering the adoption of new green building codes by next month. In doing so, it plans to go further than any other jurisdiction to date in Colorado.
As part of a council study session concerning the building codes update, the town council is considering mandating 100% electrification for all new builds and substantial renovations going forward. That would make it the first jurisdiction in the state to require forced electrification, and one of only a handful of jurisdictions nationwide to make such a move.