Course Description and Credit Information

What is Biochar? How is Biochar made? What has the research shown? Where has this been used before in some case studies? What type of challenges exist with the use of Biochar? All of these questions will be answered in this webinar. There will be a discussion about why Biochar is important.

Recent research will be presented and a discussion of what practitioners need to know when incorporating it into their designs. Case studies and some of the challenges will be presented and discussed.


Learning Objectives:

1. Learn what is biochar, and how is it made.
2. Understand what the research has shown about the use of biochar on the health and survivability of urban trees.
3. Comprehend what challenges the use of biochar faces and what a practitioner needs to know when using biochar.

General Course Information

Credits 1 CEU/CE/PH/CH
Format Pre-recorded webinar