Why we should build cities that are kind to nature 

With most of the world’s population residing in cities, it’s often challenging to understand how our actions affect remote and wild regions. For Call to Earth Day 2023, we will focus on the vital link between urban areas and wilderness, and shed light on the impact cities have on distant natural spaces.

This year’s Call to Earth Day will take place on Wednesday, November 8, with the theme “Our Shared Home.” From the inner city to the suburbs, the plains, the mountains, the jungle, and beyond, we must protect and nurture our connected ecosystems.

Here, we explore how our cities can be part of the great tapestry of habitats on Earth.

Pollution remains a significant challenge in city centers. Urban areas produce roughly 78% of carbon emissions worldwide and an estimated 60% of plastic waste found in the ocean begins its journey in a city, but innovative solutions to combat pollution can be found across the planet.

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Nadia Leigh-hewitson