Why is Atlantic City’s sea level rising much faster than the rest of the world?

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) — Along Atlantic City’s western back bay in Scott Haynes’ backyard is an example of his resiliency, anchored in a pile of broken concrete.

“Instead of the cost of having it hauled away, I used it as my makeshift sea wall,” Haynes laughed.

It’s the cost of having an up-close view of the water.

“On a high tide, I could have [the water] up to, I don’t know, say, like a quarter way up the shed,” Haynes said. “It just goes right through the yard.”

About three to five times a year, whether it rains or not, his street floods, forcing him to move his car to higher ground, but the flooding doesn’t dampen his desire to still live in his neighborhood.

“It is what it is. Mother Nature, you can’t change her,” Haynes said. “She’s rough.” Read More

Brandon Goldner

Brandon Goldner is an award-winning reporter/multiskilled journalist for CBS3 Eyewitness News, where he primarily covers South Jersey.

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Brandon Goldner