West 8 is excited to share the development of a masterplan for the former factory of the Armelectromash company in Yerevan, Armenia. LLC Orbelli assigned West 8 to create a new vision for the area. Based within the Shengavit district of Yerevan, the factory of the Armelectromash company’s former headquarters was left uninhibited in the 90s and remains boarded off from the greater city. After visiting the 54-hectare site earlier this year, West 8 has been working on creating a forward-thinking, sustainable urban design that delivers a new contemporary district for the city.

About the Project:
Armelectromash was founded in 1940 to repair military aircraft. After World War II, the company specialized in the production of generators and power transformers and became one of the largest industrial associations in the electrical engineering industry of the former Soviet Union. The development of the masterplan will provide a new, fresh, mixed-use urban design vision for the area’s future. Read more