The Miami Beach Convention Center District started in 2009 when West 8 was asked to design the campus of Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony Building. Before, the unifying character was the grey, hot tarmac of the parking lots. Today, the entire district is a system of interconnected, welcoming and green urban spaces. Soundscape park is a unique site with one important philanthropic component: Allowing people who can not afford a symphony ticket to experience the area’s beauty via top-of-the-line projections onto the building’s exterior. This urban oasis reflects the identity of the New World Symphony while tieing back to the legacy and culture of Miami.


Following the success of Soundscape Park, West 8 was asked to join the team to upgrade the entire district around the Convention Center. Together with Fentress Architects, they executed a cohesive masterplan to integrate the creative vision for the district with the function of the convention center, while keeping in mind the importance of streetscapes and connectivity throughout a public space.Read More