Using Plants to reduce Heat Island Effect

Due to green house effect, global temperature is rising especially in urban areas, make lives more uncomfortable for citizens. To mitigate the problem, many countries have started to develop green buildings. Building green walls and green roofs is the best way to green houses and overpopulated cities that are not spatial enough to grow vegetation on the ground. The positive influence brought by green walls and green roofs are not only on the insulation of heat, but also on the landscaping of urban environment. Hence, the practice of building green walls and green roofs should be popularized in urban areas so as to improve the residents’ physical as well mental health and also life quality. By popularizing more and more people would like to start building such eco-friendly roofs and walls, and it will certainly make a difference to our world. Fighting the Urban Heat Island Effect requires everyone to join hands together and work hard.

An urban heat island is a metropolitan area which is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural area, especially at winter season. 

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