‘Green walls’ to halt air and noise pollution

Arup’s climate and sustainability experts will carry out an environmental baseline noise, vibration and air quality study by collecting local data and measuring street level pollution. The Lab will use design parameters such as wind patterns, temperature shifts, solar radiation, humidity and building façades. This will be followed by a social survey to analyse the socioeconomic impact of the project on the community.  

Our experts will use remote sensing data from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) to identify the cooling effect of different plant types and visualise the impact of urban vegetation on reducing air and noise pollution. Arup’s team will also provide recommendations on increasing a street’s biodiversity index. 

 Arup is collaborating with Aarhus University, Copenhagen University and Copenhagen Business School to account for the natural capital of greening streets in Copenhagen and define the monetary value of urban nature in the living Lab. For the environmental measurement, we will use Google Environmental Insights Explorer on black carbon and ultrafine particles and the Danish EPAs noise map.  

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