Course Description and Credit Information

**PDF files that can be downloaded and audio files that read the pdf content if you prefer audio**

Course description

This course is tailored to Landscape architectures who want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to urban development trends. The course will cover the latest advances in sustainable transportation, green building design, and urban planning. Participants will learn about the latest technologies, practices, and policies being used to create more sustainable and livable cities. The course will also provide a platform for discussing the challenges and opportunities facing urban areas and the ways to tackle them.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will learn some of the top trending topics in the profession.
2. Participants will learn some of the latest research regarding the Urban development.
3. Participants will comprehend impact of various innovations in Urban development.
4. Participants will learn about issues in Urban development.

General Course Information

Credits 2 CEU/CE/PH/CH
Format PDF files that can be downloaded and audio files that read the pdf content if you prefer audio


Course Preview

Come Monday night, Calgary will have a vastly changed city council, and it comes at a time when our city is at a critical point in its evolution. As a writer on urban development for a decade, with years of past experience in Calgary city planning offices and with decades spent wandering the neighbourhoods of this city which have undergone so much change, I’ve tried to sit down and list my hopes for our city. We must transition from a downtown-centric, corporate-headquarters-officetower city, to a city that supports multiple employment hubs — concentrated office areas near the airport, the development of more inland port distribution centres where trucks and trains can load and unload. We need to build up the areas around hospitals and post secondary campuses. We need a new council that can link vision with current economic reality. No more grand visions which
make charming artist renderings. No more endless overlapping visions for small pockets of the city. We need big picture thinkers and doers.