The living roof creates a rich habitat for plants, insects, and birds, fostering a thriving ecosystem that supports biodiversity. This landmark biodiverse living roof of ~980m2 (10,500 ft2) creates a stunning extension to the Hundertwasser Art Centre and Wairau M?ori Art Gallery for Whang?rei. This accessible living roof showcases nature-based solutions, an asset to urban environments.

Water Sensitive and Climate Adaptation Urban Design

The living roof effectively manages stormwater by absorbing and filtering rainwater, reducing runoff volume, and mitigating flood risks. This living roof has already withstood two cyclones and several major weather events since it was installed last year! Trees are anchored to a mesh layer under the substrate.

The project also contributes to urban heat island mitigation by incorporating vegetation that provides natural cooling through evapotranspiration, and the shading effects of the tree canopy. Read more