UNESCO Chair newsletters and other media updates – UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability Sustainability

Calendar Year 2023

2023/02 UNESCO Chair Newsletter February 2023. Out on 1 February 2023!

Calendar Year 2022

2022/12 The lost treaties of Lithuania: priceless diplomatic treasures found in Toronto in the Globe & Mail on 27 December 2022

2022/12 UNESCO Chair Newsletter December 2022: Thank you! Another year of engagement is coming to an end 🌎🌱📚

2022/11 Conservation, learning, reconciliation. Article in the Globe & Mail on 18 November 2022

2022/11 UNESCO Chair Newsletter November 2022 Higher Education for Sustainable Development

2022/10 UNESCO Chair Newsletter October 2022 Happy World Teachers´ Day

2022/09 UNESCO Chair Newsletter September 2022 Greening education to transform the world

2022/08 Y-file Story York University´s Provostial Fellows deliver on academic priorities and SDGs

2022/07 Y-file Story Charles Hopkins receives Lithuanian State Award in Vilnius

2022/06 Y-file Story UNESCO Chair Coordinator Katrin Kohl awarded fellowship by The Royal Society of Arts in London

2022/06 UNESCO Chair Newsletter June 2022 50 years of global sustainability efforts

2022/05 Y-file Story Sustainable on the Go Partners explore new global landscape of higher education

2022/05 UNESCO Chair Newsletter May 2022 Living together in peace

2022/04 Interview with Charles Hopkins in the Globe & Mail during Earth Week 2022

2022/04 Charles Hopkins as one of Canada´s Clean 50 in the Globe & Mail

2022/04 UNESCO Chair Newsletter April 2022 Earth Week

2022/03 UNESCO Chair Newsletter March 2022 Education for peace

2022/02 UNESCO Chair Newsletter February 2022 Education as a social contract with #Sustainability4Ed

2022/01 Y-File Story Year in Review 2021: Top headlines for York University: UNESCO Chair Charles Hopkins recognized with lifetime achievement award

Calendar Year 2021

2021/12 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Long Journey Home Sustainability4Ed

2021/11 UNESCO Chair –> Sustainable on the Go Publication Launch and Save the Date 2022

2021/11 UNESCO Chair Newsletter Education prominent at COP 26 and in the SDGs #Sustainability4Ed

2021/10 The …


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