Underwater ‘lawnmower’ helps create vast sea ‘meadows’ off North Wales coast

Youngsters are donning snorkels to help harvest a million seeds from the seas off North Wales this month. They will join scuba divers in the hunt for a plant that could help tackle the global climate and nature crises.

They’re on the look-out for seagrass seeds off the Ll?n Peninsula. Once collected, they’ll be planted at three sites along the North Wales coast to create giant sea “meadows” that will absorb carbon dioxide and attract sea creatures.

A specialist “underwater lawnmower” is also being trialled in the sea at Porthdinllaen on the Ll?n Peninsula. Harvesting is also being done manually by scuba divers, snorkellers and volunteers wading through shallower waters.

Taking an active role are 12 Anglesey youngsters, some as young as 11. Enlisted through the Ocean Rescue Champions programme, they will ultimately be responsible for safeguarding the seagrass meadows for future generations.

The North Wales Seagrass Ocean Rescue project was launched last summer and in spring more than 100,000 seeds were planted at sites on the Pen Ll?n coast. 

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Andrew Forgrave