Course Description and Credit Information

This webinar will give attendees an understanding of tree preservation dynamics through understanding 10 critical points in the process. The 10 points discussed are: politics, budget, design team skills and motivation, right tree, site conditions, project requirements, construction sequencing, flexibility to change goals, end of project control, and post project support; When to say “Stop”, when to say “this is too much”, and when to change the design or take out the tree are discussed.

Learning Objectives:

1. Explore the balance in the decision process between critical points in tree preservation, such as: budget, site conditions, and project requirements.

2. Understand the critical points in the process where the tree is actually saved or not saved

3. Comprehend the long term impacts of addressing or not addressing all the critical points of tree preservation on the long term success of the design.

General Course Information

Credits 1 CEU/CE/PH/CH
Format Pre-recorded webinar