The single word central to ‘greenwashing’ complaint sent to ACCC

A Victorian government-owned business has been accused of “greenwashing” and referred to the ACCC by a conservation group.

The 21-page complaint about VicForests asks Australia’s competition regulator to investigate eight separate concerns about claims published on the logging agency’’ website.

Its first concern is the phrase, “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at VicForests”. The complaint asks the ACCC to take into account what consumers would ordinarily think the word “sustainability” means.

VFA has questioned VicForests’ claims about “sustainability”. Source: VicForests

“An ordinary consumer would likely interpret the Regeneration Claims to mean that timber harvesting operations conducted by VicForests do not damage the environment or deplete natural resources for future generations,” the complaint suggests.

What is the complaint about?

On Thursday, lawyers for Environmental Justice Australia (EJA) issued a complaint about VicForests on behalf of conservation group Victorian Forest Alliance (VFA).

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Michael Dahlstrom