The Role of User Experience in the Impact of Low-Carbon Building Characteristics on Consumer’s Housing Purchase Intention

The quality of user experience can directly influence purchase decisions. If consumers are satisfied with the experience of a product or service, they are more likely to purchase it, and will be more willing to make repeat purchases or recommend it to others. Conversely, if consumers are dissatisfied with the experience of a product or service, they may choose not to purchase or may select alternative options. Excellent customer experience can enhance consumer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase purchase intent and brand advocacy. Consumer user experience is comprised of different dimensions, such as significant internal and external product attributes, perceived quality, and abstract meanings such as reputation and convenience. Consumer experiences with various product attributes, prices, and costs can directly influence their purchase decisions. Dong’s research indicates that the purchase intent of online consumers is positively influenced by their user experience with online products and services, including functional value, emotional value, and social value [47]. ?  Read More  

by Bing Qi, Tianjuan Deng, and Zhilin Yang