Hydrogen is clearly one of the key drivers for decarbonizing industry and meeting crucial environmental objectives, as evidenced by the numerous announced projects and funding initiatives across the globe. This point was further underlined at the third annual HydrogeNext conference, part of Experience Power Week, presented by Chemical Engineering and POWER. The event covered ongoing hydrogen projects, production technologies, operational best practices and much more.

Logistics, mobility and decarbonization

Experience Power Week keynote speaker Tim Echols, commissioner of the Georgia Public Service Commission, highlighted hydrogen as one of seven major trends in the energy world, emphasizing its importance in decarbonizing logistics and transport operations. “I really think the place to start with hydrogen fueling is in material-handling facilities. The low-hanging fruit for hydrogen use is forklifts, followed by Class 8 heavy-duty trucks,” he said. When compared to electrification for heavy-duty trucking, Echols points out several benefits hydrogen offers. “Vehicle batteries add weight, and with hydrogen you can refuel quickly and easily. With battery-electric trucks, you will have to sit and wait longer for charging.” Read more.