The Future Of Technology: Investors Share Reasons To Be Optimistic

It’s not hard to be worried about the future and many of the concerns we may have are indeed valid.

With big global challenges that are either here already like climate change or looming like the risk of AI taking a life of its own, there’s never been more pressure on entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, businesses and customers to step up and make the right decisions.

If we zoom in, the history of humanity can look like a series of failures. However, if we zoom out, the overall trend has mostly been one of progress and resilience. Resilience not of specific structures and systems but of an ability to reinvent ourselves and come up with innovative solutions. Technology has been playing a crucial part in enabling this and it is here to stay. Are we now moving too fast and pushing its limits too far beyond our comprehension?

While remaining cognizant of the known and unknown challenges ahead, here are some reasons to be optimistic about the future.

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Miruna Girtu, Contributor