The $2,899 EcoFlow Blade robotic mower disappoints with shoddy hardware and software

When the EcoFlow Blade works, the results are fantastic. My yard looks great, and I didn’t have to spend an hour on a tractor. The Blade is quiet and capable. It’s also cheaply built, suffers from terrible software, and the installation is far from advertised.
I’ve been using the Blade for about two months, and now I have several expectations each time I use it. One, I’ll need to help the Blade sometime during its job by resetting it or moving an obstacle. Two, the mower will not dock properly, and I’ll have to shove it into the charging dock to recharge. Three, it will not mow the tall patches of grass fertilized by my dogs.
Frankly put, I’m disappointed and frustrated with the EcoFlow Blade. With its $2,899 price, I cannot recommend the unit and would highly advise shoppers to look at the much-less expensive Worx mowers or the Husqvarna mowers, which cost the same as the Blade but have been on the market for over ten years.

Matt Burns

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