Technology Transfer Assessment in Regional Business Contexts Antonio O

Research, development, and innovation activities (R&D&I) provide an essential contribution to the social, cultural, and economic development of any country or region. Therefore, they constitute a major concern for the agents involved in those activities, such as universities.

The role of the university in innovation has increased tremendously and the diffusion and commercialization of knowledge and technology has become widely accepted as a “third mission” of the university, established in the context of university–industry relations [1,2,3].

In recent decades, universities have endeavored to develop this “third mission” by fostering links with industry and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology, among other means of collaboration.

Since the final decades of the 20th century, universities have striven ever harder to develop means of collaboration with companies that will lead to the dissemination and commercialization of generated knowledge and technology. 

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