Sustainable Performance Assessment towards Sustainable Consumption and Production: Evidence from the Indian Dairy Industry Mukesh Kumar 

Effective business and operations (EBO)Business effectiveness and operations play a significant role in achieving a balance among the sustainable triple bottom-line approach. Optimal business operations help the environment, society, and economy.[45]Use of Quality standards and HACCP (UQS)The use of high-quality standards and HACCP standards in the food system helps to lower food wastage along with high satisfaction to the consumer.[12]Green supplier (GSR)The selection of green suppliers is a crucial step in reaching the objective of sustainable development since it helps to minimize emissions from the very beginning of the supply chain.[46]Cold chain effectiveness (CCE)The efficacy of the cold chain plays a vital role in the supply chain for dairy products since it gives the product longer shelf life, ensures optimum emissions from refrigerated vehicles, and reduces waste of transportation.

Mukesh Kumar

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