Sustainable, green supply chains; A manufacturer’s new reality


A Q&A with Vincent de Montalivet, Principal, Data for Net Zero offer leader, and Christopher Scheefer, Vice President, North American Lead for Intelligent Industry at Capgemini

The world’s manufacturers are more connected than ever, and they simply cannot afford to be at the mercy of unreliable, insecure supply chains. Yet supply chains are among the business operations most vulnerable to outside forces and the cost can be significant, ranging from lost sales and production time to lower brand image and increased difficulty in raising capital.

Insights derived from top-quality data can help manufacturers avoid disruptions in their supply chains – or at least mitigate the effects of climate change – by making these vital operations more sustainable.

Capgemini’s Vincent de Montalivet and Christopher Scheefer talk about how they help manufacturers leverage data to transform their operations. Here, they explain how the sustainable supply chain creates financial and operational advantages even as it reduces environmental impact and mitigates risk.

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