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So much has been said about sustainability from a corporate perspective. Businesses are becoming more sustainability-conscious, ensuring that they showcase their commitment through products, services, and processes. However, measures of sustainability are quite considerable, making every commitment a work in progress.

“Since there’s quite an extensive list of goals to be considered truly sustainable, especially in the real estate sector, we are committed to taking steps in areas where we can already ensure sustainability,” said Victor B. Consunji, founder and CEO, Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC).

Victor B. Consunji, founder and CEO, Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC).

For VCDC, the commitment to sustainability is evident in its holistic approach to design, which includes utilized technology and environment built.

Building resilient homes

How a house was built — the processes involved in construction — has a great impact on the environment. A company that values sustainability would look for means to minimize its carbon footprint contribution like future-proofing every build. This involves a continuous search for solutions, best practices, and materials.

“Sustainability starts with the design of the home — it needs to withstand the impact of climate change. This is possible with the use of quality materials during construction. Homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about rebuilding over and over again.”

The actual aesthetics of the property also matters to avoid the need for rebuilding and/or redesign. Timelessness is key.

“Of course, we also have to consider design applicability in future-proofing our properties. Design should be timeless, allowing homeowners to enjoy their properties without renovations for longer periods of time.”

With its approach to designing homes, VCDC envisions a future where properties could be passed on to future generations. “If such a thing happens, it has a big impact in cutting the carbon footprint.”

Living with a smaller carbon footprint

It’s easy to drop advice to save electricity. We can turn off appliances when not in use. However, when an environment requires one to depend on electricity — turning on the AC or fan during hot and humid days — it would be a challenge. VCDC has considered this situation and designed its properties to allow the use of …


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