Standard Chartered partners with Ant Group

International banking group Standard Chartered has announced its partnership with Ant Group in order to promote sustainable developments around the globe.

Following this collaboration, both of the financial institutions are set to improve the overall green and inclusive finance, as well as the sustainable development process, and global fund management. Moreover, the companies will focus on contributing to tackling multiple worldwide issues, such as ocean protection and climate change. 

Since the beginning of their partnership back in 2017, Standard Chartered represents an important collaborator of Ant Group’s sustainability-linked syndicated loan and has led cooperation in sustainable deposit and other areas. Furthermore, the companies have successfully cooperated in the digital improvement process of global fund management, in addition to proliferating inclusive finance for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Throughout the extension of their strategic deal, Standard Chartered is set to offer its expertise and suite of services in order to build a global liquidity and foreign exchange management structure with Ant Group. Moreover, the companies will prioritise the strengthening of their collaboration in ESG, inclusive finance, and overall digital innovation processes.