Spatiotemporal Features of the Surface Urban Heat Island of Bac?u City (Romania) during the Warm Season and Local Trends of LST Imposed by Land Use Changes during the Last 20 Years

Abstract: Using MODIS and Landsat LST images, the present paper advances a series of results on the characteristics of the surface heat island (SUHI) of Bac?u City (Romania) during the warm season (April to September) for a period of 20 years (2001–2020). At the same time, given their higher temporal resolution and their availability for both day and night, MODIS LST was used to understand the spatial features of the SUHI in relation to land use. In this way, a total of 946 MODIS Terra and 483 Landsat satellite images were used to outline the main LST characteristics of the days with clear sky in this middle-sized city in northeast Romania. In order to analyze MODIS LST changes in relation to land use changes in the period 2001–2018, we used the standardized CORINE Land Cover datasets. With the help of the Rodionov test, we were able to determine the geometry and intensity of the SUHI. ?Read More

Lucian Sfîc?

  Environmental Tech, Clean Tech, Smart City, Tech, Green Tech, Eco-Tech, Climate Tech, Bio-Tech