Siena Construction’s Green Efforts for Sustainable Building Practices

What do harvest rainwater for irrigation, eSteam™, and learning gardens have in common? Siena Construction. Siena’s integral process, and approach to construction management, benefits from the principles of ecology and whole-systems thinking. Here are a few recent examples of how this forward-thinking firm integrates sustainable measures, both on their construction projects, and in the community.

Volpe Pavilions and Site Redevelopment

Siena recently completed initial preconstruction services for two new ground-up pavilions as part of the Volpe Transportation Center Redevelopment in Kendall Square. To prioritize sustainability, the design team and client proposed integrated systems aimed at reducing energy consumption, carbon footprint, ecotoxicity, biodiversity loss, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Siena played a vital role in evaluating the cost and schedule implications of implementing these innovative sustainable systems. They worked closely with the design team to enhance the net-zero ready envelope system, significantly reducing the size of the required mechanical system for heating and cooling. 

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