Serving up the world: The smart & sustainble way

In recent years, the Indian hospitality industry has witnessed a significant transformation, driven by the integration of technology and a growing emphasis on sustainability. While technology has revolutionised various aspects of the industry, from guest experience to operational efficiency, sustainability practices have become a core focus to mitigate environmental impact. 

Recognising the urgency to reduce environmental impact, the Indian hospitality industry has embraced sustainability practices, aiming to conserve resources, reduce carbon emissions and promote responsible tourism. Several sustainable initiatives have emerged that showcase commitment to environmental stewardship. One significant area of focus is energy conservation. Hotels are increasingly adopting renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Integrated energy management systems are being implemented to monitor energy usage, identify inefficiencies and implement energy saving measures. LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures are becoming commonplace to minimise resource consumption.

Waste management practices are also undergoing transformation. Hotels are implementing recycling programmes, composting organic waste and minimising single-use plastics. Some establishments have started using biodegradable and eco-friendly materials for guest amenities, further reducing their ecological footprint. ?  Read More

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