In a Special Episode of Let’s Talk Law, we speak with Raihan Islam, who completed his study of Law at King’s in 2011.
As a software architect and entrepreneur since 2000, and a qualified lawyer, combined with his interest in national security, Raihan is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  He has applied his experience as a business analyst, project manager, and now product manager at EPAM Systems focusing on the development and launch of cybersecurity products.  In our original interview, we discuss embracing opportunities to learn and develop professionally, how gaining work experience outside of the legal sector can really help to develop commercial awareness, and how there are no limits to what you can accomplish if you keep an open mind.
Until February 2022, Raihan was based in Ukraine.  In a follow-up interview recorded on 25 March 2022, we discuss how life has changed since the start of the war, what EPAM Systems has been doing to support their employees and Ukraine, and Raihan’s personal response.  If you can give some of your time to supporting Ukraine, please visit Raihan’s website for details at Raihan Islam – Everything will be Ukraine! / ??? ???? ???????!

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