To build and strengthen global understanding of practical solutions for sustainable development, including the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDSN recently partnered with 360info, on a special ‘State of the SDGs’ report.

Alongside this year’s UN General Assembly and SDG Summit, SDSN partnered with 360info, an independent digital news wire based out of Monash University, to produce a special “State of the SDGs” report. The report features insights from authors across the SDSN Network on the obstacles to achieving the SDGs in the Indo-Pacific Region with a focus on education, climate, finance, and health and solutions for overcoming these challenges.

The articles featured in the special report include the following:

What the Asia-Pacific needs to leap forward on climate action‘ written by John Thwaites,  Professor, Monash University; SDSN Leadership Council Co-Chair; and Chair of Monash Sustainable Development Institute and Climateworks Centre Read more