Scientists create a unique biodegradable robot that does not need batteries to move

April 26, 2023  22:08

Scientists have created a unique robot that is made of biodegradable materials and can move without getting energy from batteries, accumulators and other energy sources.

The robot was created within the framework of the European I-Seed project, which was launched in 2021 by researchers at the Bioinspired Soft Robotics (BSR) laboratory at the Italian Institute of Technology. The scientists have also collaborated with the University of Trento.


This soft and biodegradable robot was inspired by the seed propagation principle of the South African geranium – Pelargonium appendiculatum. The seed walls of this plant contain a nonliving tissue that changes fiber length with changes in moisture. This is cellulose that does not need life support, metabolism or nutrition. But when the humidity changes, the seeds begin to move purely mechanically. As the seeds swell and dry, they move until they find themselves in soil cracks, which increases the possibility of their germination under favorable conditions.

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